It serves for determining of your IQ, completing of the test will not take you more than 30 minutes.

IQ Test - The Process

The test contains 30 questions, each of them has only one solution.

IQ Test - The Completion

You will learn your IQ value immediately after completing the test, if you have made the test already before and you want to check your result, you can do that by clicking on display result button.

This IQ test is classic and very accurate.

The test includes 30 very important questions.

The time limit for solving is 30 minutes.

Receiving your test result is now free.

The result can only be found at the end of the test.

The test questions are very balanced and well structured.

Questions And Answers

IQ is the IQ and is essentially a score used to determine how smart a person is compared to the rest of the population. Of course, an IQ test is not 100% accurate and only makes an attempt, like any standardized test, to make a correct measurement. This measurement is the resulting IQ and these scores are often used as a basis for knowing whether a person is just intelligent or a total genius. Most of the time these scores are a correct measure of intelligence, making them very interesting for those who want to know how they are compared to the greatest minds of all time or just other ordinary people.

Average IQ is about 100 . Of course, this is subject to variability over time, and is nothing more than a constant rule. However, if you take an IQ test and the score is above 100, then most people are above average. After all, IQ tests tend to be renormalized over time, to ensure that the average IQ score remains around 100 points. In this way, IQ tests maintain a normalization of the baseline score that allows a better comparison from a historical point of view.

An IQ test will measure intelligence in a manner similar to any standardized test. You are subjected to a series of questions that test all kinds of brain functions in a wide variety of general subjects. Of course, these questions do not require you to know anything beyond generally accepted intellectual studies. Otherwise, the test would not be correct. Math and model identification skills are just some of the intellectual areas you use in general. Finally, your IQ score will reflect the number of questions you answered correctly compared to the rest of the population. The score will be calculated based on a bell curve that is frequently renormalized to take into account changes in the intelligence of society as a whole.

Although IQ tests may seem somewhat intimidating, they are not to be feared. It is recommended to periodically perform as many IQ tests as possible and to average your results. Or, if you think you were in a bad mood, you may want to consider taking a test in a more relaxed mood than your valid score.

If you're looking for a relevant IQ test that accurately measures your IQ, you've come to the right place! Just click on the green banner above or click here to get started. Although you may find other sites that offer other versions of IQ tests, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of these tests and we recommend that you follow the test we offer. There are so many sites with their own versions of IQ tests that are actually just memory or visualization tests and have no relevance. We hope you find that our site has the most useful information about IQ testing in general. Therefore, most likely, we have the best IQ test for you.

We would also like to warn you that there are several sites that offer tests that are extremely inaccurate and actually complete fakes. These sites will usually make you click on 20 ad pages just to get your IQ score. Beware of these types of websites, because the score you get is practically worthless and not worth the trouble! Remember that it is a great effort to get the result of an IQ test.

Considering something good is a rather subjective matter. What is good in one person's eyes may be bad in another's eyes. Thus, for the purpose of this page, we will consider that anything is good if it is above average. The average IQ is about 100 . Due to the intelligence of the average person in the world who is constantly growing, the IQ test and the score distribution must be continuously renormalized to keep the average score close to the point of 100.

All of this may seem a bit confusing, but the general idea is that if the score is higher than 100, score above average. What if you score 101 on an IQ test? Is it really better than 100? Well, the answer is yes and no. To give you a better idea of whether your score is good , we've compiled the following list of scores and what they represent:

  • Test result IQ 140+ = Genius
  • Test result IQ 120 - 140 = Truly superior intelligence
  • Test result IQ 110 - 119 = Higher intelligence
  • Test result IQ 90 - 109 = Average intelligence
  • Test result IQ 80 - 89 = Intellectual capacity below average
  • Test result IQ 70 - 79 = Insufficient intellectual capacity
  • Test result IQ -70 = Simply stupid

The answer is not an easy one. First of all, you may not be smart at all. The results of the IQ tests you obtained may have been irrelevant. The IQ may have been higher than it should have been for a number of reasons, including a poor IQ test, luck, and so on. A better way to make sure you have the right IQ is to do several different IQ tests. Perform each of these IQ tests at several different times and at a time interval, then average the results.

Some people are academically intelligent while some people have street sense. Some people may be smart in a business environment, but they lose all intuition when it comes to cooking a meal. However, in terms of the mind's ability to solve problems on a very general level, any IQ test won't help.

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